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Potato Chips Machine

  • Product Code: MPFD-002

Do you still cut potatoes by hand? Dangerous! Slow! Don't worry, this machine can help you. Potato slicing and stripping machine is one necessary equipment in potato chips and French fries production line. This multi functional root vegetable cutter is also sold separately to process carrots, lotus. Unlike potato chips as snack, striped radish and sliced cucumber are good food for salad. The outlook of food means much in business. A perfect appearance will attract people’s attention in few seconds. Dimension, size, cooking time are all factors responsible for a successful long-lasting business. This automatic potato chips machine can process potatoes in different thickness and shapes to meet various demand. This root vegetable cutting machine is also applied in restaurant where lots vegetables need to be sliced and cut.

Features of Potato Chips Machine

1. Suitable for kinds of potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassavas, carrot, radish etc.
2. Cut vegetables into slices, strips and chips.
3. Thickness of potato strips & slices are adjustable(from 0.5-10mm).
4. Two feeding designs (vertical feeding and side feeding) available.
5. Unique device in potato chips and French fries production. It can be used separately in restaurant, hotel, dining hall, etc.

Application Range of Potato Chips Machine

1. Good machines in potato chips and French fries manufacturing production.
2. Helpful cutting device in large labor workload restaurant.
3. Necessary cutting machines in root vegetable processing.

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